You will be highly motivated by challenges and technical problem solving - your work will be largely self managed within common goals agreed by your team and peers. Your role will be to work as part of the iOS team to create industry leading mobile apps as part of larger-scale business solutions.

You must have experience working as part of an agile team in a professional environment and have already been part of a team that has worked multiple apps through from conception to release.

You must be keen to keep up with the latest advancements in the Apple ecosystem, including both hardware and software advancements. You should have one ear to the ground in relation to libraries, frameworks and other services that could aid your working process.

You should be keen to learn from and teach others, whether they be in our office, at conferences or online.


You will consider yourself mid level or junior with a couple years multi project experience within an experienced team. Likely you will have already left university for a couple years and have been working full time as either a developer within a consultancy/agency or similiar or freelance.

Our preference is for mid level however we are happy to interview you if you think you fit the bill.

Must Haves

  • Be comfortable writing clean Swift code, making the most of the tools Swift offers

  • Be able to come up with solid solutions to complex UX and technical problems

  • Have experience with core Cocoa-Touch system libraries

  • Have experience working with Restful APIs

  • Have a working knowledge of design patterns and the ability to discern when to apply different patterns to different situations

  • Have a working knowledge of git version control

  • Have experience using third-party dependencies through packages such as Cocoapods

  • Partake in code reviews of other iOS developers of all levels

  • Be familiar with testing practices for the iOS platform

You will also be expected to

  • Have experience working under Agile software development methodologies

  • Be able to work closely with the design team to influence them based on Apple platform best practices and implement their designs as closely as possible

  • Be able to work closely with the Web and API team to influence their interfaces and consume their APIs in the most suitable manner

  • Have experience breaking down client proposals in to epics and tasks and producing somewhat-accurate time and effort estimates

  • Manage yourself in terms of keeping task lists up to date on

It would be favourable if you have experience with

  • GitLab

  • Trello

  • Fabric

  • Fastlane

  • Working on a project alongside an Android counterpart

What you will do

  • Participate in peer code reviews

  • Learn new stuff

  • Influence how large scale solutions are delivered

  • Test Core Elements

  • Write clean, performant code

  • Fail Quickly

  • Work in an exciting team

  • Work with the latest tech

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