We’re different from most companies in that you’ll be helping deliver work for our clients as well as delivering our own core products. With that in mind, the key things we’re looking for are organisation, and an exceptional ability to communicate to clients, customers, end-users and our Delivery team This is why we’re looking for a Delivery Manager, not a Project Manager or a Scrum Master. The job is simply to help us deliver our awesome work to a variety of end-users and clients, in our own way, and we want you to come and help us both continuously define the process, and then deliver it. You’ll be working on Accounts, not Projects, so your mindset needs to work longer-term than if you were just working on projects.

Must Haves

  • An understanding of different software delivery methods and processes. We’re not Agile, but we take some principles from Agile. We don’t have Scrum Masters, but we appreciate what Scrum has to offer. We’re not fully Lean, but we do subscribe more to Lean methodology than anything else.
  • Epic communication skills - you’ll be dealing with clients, customers and the delivery team, each of which has their own level of expertise and knowledge, therefore, you need to speak all of their languages.
  • Tremendous organisation skills - you’ll be working across multiple delivery streams.
  • Above all else, we want you to fit into the team. We value emotional intelligence as high as, if not higher than, skills and experience. Number 4 in our core values is “don’t be a dick” and that overrides all else.

Should Haves

  • Experience working in a software agency - this role can be fast-paced.
  • A good understanding of software delivery as a whole, knowing what it takes to build quality software. We don’t use the word “just”
  • Internally, you’ll be working with Developers, Designers, Product Managers and Account Managers. Quickly getting to grips with how these disciplines work within Surge will be a strong focus of your first days in the company.
  • Shy bairns get nowt - you should be comfortable speaking up to both offer insight and to counter others. “No” is a very strong word which you shouldn’t be afraid to use if you believe it’s the right thing to do. We’ll always listen - this is a very open environment where no-one is talked down and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Could Haves

  • As always, a sound working knowledge of the back catalogue of Nicholas Cage, up to and including Gone in 60 Seconds, is beneficial. We will accept Kick Ass as some of his finer work after his decade in purgatory in the 2000s.


  • Competitive salary depending on experience
  • Guaranteed yearly salary increases in line with inflation
  • Personal tech budget to help you get set up how you want
  • Ample learning resources budget to help you continue to grow
  • Modern city centre office with fully equipped kitchen
  • Frequent company socials, both in and out of the pub!
  • Flexible remote working policy

Company Offerings

  • 20 days holiday plus bank holidays and Christmas shutdown
  • Up to 3% matched Pension contributions
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